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What I'm passionate about

Happy founders ánd employees

I remember working for a scale-up for the first time: it felt mind-blowing! The way of working supported everything I believe in: freedom to work in your own way, no unnecessary politics, rapid progress, pioneering technologies, and innovative methods of working. Because over the last decade, everything we thought we knew about "the working lifestyle" has changed.


We have moms and dads who are both working.

Millennials who are travelling the world while working.

Companies with over 20 nationalities in one team.

We are working scrum, agile, or whatever you want to call it.

Culture has become key to succeeding.

We have fewer managers and layers… Or none at all!


As a founder of a company it can be overwhelming. How do you adjust to all these changes? Most importantly, which of them fit you and your company?



I want to help founders to build diverse, high-performing, and healthy workplaces. By focussing on building cultures, ways of working, and processes that are flexible and sustainable, I want to boost both employee happiness and company success. I'm convinced that the two of them go hand in hand and I love proving it.


It's my personal mission to create workplaces that fit you as a founder and the people you want to hire. I believe in a workplace with diverse and high-performing teams. In creating flows of working, communicating, hiring, and collaboration that fit you, your company culture and - with that - your people. Let me help you to define and implement those key processes that will make work life easier because they just simply work for you. Let me help you find your company's flow to grow.



I want to be a part of the real "new way of working": creating the ideal balance in life where work, family, health, and social life are valued and given the right amount of attention. Where we have diverse teams and leadership, made up of people with different perspectives from all over the world. Where work is flexible and opportunities are equal. Where we build companies that are sustainable, that give value to the world and - through that - to their employees.


I want to help create work environments where we don't just have diverse teams, we are genuinely inclusive. I want to help people to see that this is the best and only way of truly being successful.

My values

What you see is what you get. I will never overstay, I will always be direct and honest about how things are going within in your company and give you the best advice possible, while understanding the phase you are in as a company and a an entrepreneur.  And I hope you will do the same to me. 

I do everything I do, with a growth mindset. I love experimenting, setting up new things and taking great ideas and making them BIG. I'm not the sustainer type, I want to build and make things grow. They don't have to be perfect all at once. Good is good enough. Just make sure it solves the problem. 

Kill em with kindness.  The challenge is to become a kind leader, without losing track of your goals. But honestly, once you get started, you will see that these two things having nothing to do with each other. So know that I will always be kind, while not being afraid to make the best decision for the business. 

Business equals People

I'm all in for making people happy, but I'm also very commercial. I believe in a balance between giving and taking. And I believe that positive motivation will help you to come a long way. These principles will make me the business partner that you are looking for while growing your company. 


I work fast. Pressure gives me energy and I can't really handle anything that goes slow. I will set up everything you need for your next growth phase in 4-6 months, but I will never leave without making sure someone takes over. Because speed, should never get in the way of quality. 

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